The Bautier store was never ‘just a store’. Already a few months after opening in May 2013, Marina started inviting people over for the monthly Vendredi lunches and her continuous yearning to create a hospitable and welcoming environment has become a permanent reality with the opening of Café Bautier.

The Vendredi lunch was an event for people to meet and, obviously, have lunch; the food part being of great importance to Marina as she was the one preparing and cooking everything herself. Exploring recipes and creating her own is an ongoing hobby, an effortless occupation that weaves naturally into her everyday life as a designer and a family mother. Good food is therefore also at the centre of attention in the café, with Marina behind the menus – testing, tasting and deciding what to offer.

Café Bautier suggests a simple menu, in line with the general spirit of Bautier; English scones for breakfast, linking back to the time when Marina studied in London, focaccia sandwiches for lunch with various fillings, wholesome stews and salads, depending on the season, and cakes of different kinds. The ingredients are all locally sourced, in season and mainly organic. Tea, coffee and cold drinks are served throughout the day.

Conviviality and the plain happiness of sharing a tasty refreshment has been visualised in the café’s logo, drawn by Italian illustrator, Gianluca Cannizzo. Café Bautier welcomes locals and customers to enjoy a bite and pass a relaxed time in this quiet corner.