Bautier Furniture.

Belgian furniture company Bautier offers a coherent collection of well-crafted products, all designed by Marina Bautier. The brand creates functional, durable, modern and accessible solid wood furniture. Believing in a thorough approach to manufacturing, Bautier essentially works with a family owned carpentry in Northern Germany, based a three hours drive from Brussels.


Bautier Accessoires.

Bautier Accessoires is a range of homeware goods, some designed by Marina Bautier, others selected amongst distinct brands and craftsmen. Common for them all is the wish to create alluring everyday objects. Bautier pays careful attention to how and where the pieces are made, ensuring a warranty of high-quality manufacturing.


Bautier Books.

A curated selection of Bautier's favourite books, covering the fields of architecture, design, cooking and photography.