Vendredi. Apple crumble.

My mother only cooked a few desserts when I was growing up and apple crumble was one of them. We always had apples at home, often coming from my grandmother’s garden, so this dish holds lots of good childhood memories for me. My mother liked to bake her crumble in a deep dish with a fine crust on top and rich apple compote below.

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New in: Lindsay Magazine

At Bautier, we enjoy a good read. Therefore, we have sourced a nice selection of magazines and books for the shop that will keep you inspired. A brilliant publication 'that celebrates the importance of culture and place' is Lindsay. Founded and edited by Beth Wilkinson, and named after her grandfather (Lindsay James Stanger), a man who documented the world with his many analogue cameras, this magazine echoes his approach to life: with an open mind, a thirst for learning and a love for sharing stories. Lindsay is created in collaboration with writers, photographers, and artists from around the globe. It began online in 2017, released its first issue in 2018, and has just printed its second. We asked Beth Wilkinson to tell us more.

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On creating the signature tote bag

Brand bag, what’s in a name? Designed as an addition to the Bautier accessory collection, the linen tote bag is crafted from premium-quality Belgian linen and serves as a classic for daily endeavors.

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