Newly built on the roof of the store, the Bautier Apartments are ideal for short terms stays. Set in a residential yet lively area of the south of Brussels, within 10 minutes walk from the city main train station. The downstairs store and café offer a convivial setting, with freshly made food and drinks, furniture, home accessories and a selection of books on interior, architecture and cooking.

The apartments have been designed by Marina Bautier, as an extension of the store. In her search for travel accommodation, Marina got increasing interest in understanding exactly what it is she likes about a place and what makes it welcoming when staying for a few days, especially when traveling alone. ‘I was attracted by the idea of creating a place for short stays, not like a full apartment which can easily have the appearance of a home, rather something in between a hotel room and an apartment,’ she says.

On the street side is a studio apartment that can accommodate a couple or solo traveller. At the back, a large one bedroom apartment with a private balcony overviewing Brussels greenery. Between the two apartments is a shared patio that offers a secluded garden. A green urban retreat.

The apartments are currently in their final stage of construction and will be ready to welcome guests at the start of 2025. Booking will be done directly from our website, stay tuned.

Bautier Apartments — chaussée de Forest 314, 1190 Brussels.
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