Brand bag, what’s in a name? Designed as an addition to the Bautier accessory collection, the linen tote bag is crafted from premium-quality Belgian linen and serves as a classic for daily endeavors. Like all products created by the Brussels-based designer, this timeless object assembles qualities that define the brand: sustainability, simplicity, and quality.

Go local. When Marina Bautier was thinking about creating a signature brand bag, sustainability was on top of her list. 'I was thinking of a product that lasts for more than one occasion, an object that is easy to bring along for last-minute shopping or perfect for an everyday-use,' the designer explains. Initially, the idea was to offer a simple white cotton tote with a black logo printed on it. Most of these items are produced in India, which doesn’t fit the brand’s philosophy. Bautier’s quest for a more local and custom-made approach led back to Libeco, the premium-quality linen supplier with whom she collaborated on creating tablecloths and napkins for the accessory collection. Linen is known to be the world's strongest natural fiber. Moreover is it durable, making the linen carryall an excellent alternative to plastic bags when shopping for groceries or everyday use.

It’s all about the product. To keep the production affordable, Libeco suggested using second choice fabrics - these are goods with small defaults that failed the factory's standard inspection. Depending on the availability of these seconds, each run is different. 'The first prototype was made from heavy-weight furniture fabric. It looked so simple that I decided it didn’t need a logo. As a designer, I prefer to emphasize the product, rather than the brand's name’, Marina Bautier states. The Bautier signature tote bag is the perfect long-lasting and functional holdall. It has short handles and is available various colours online and in store.