Storage Unit

Storage Unit


The Storage Units offer an additional storage solution for the home, a practical object which does not take up a lot of room nor needs a wall to stand up against. The units come in two sizes which can be stacked on top of each other or sit side by side, mixing sizes or not. It can help keep the entrance hall neat and tidy by hiding all the hats and scarves, and in the living room they are useful to tuck away magazines, throws or knitting yarn. In the bedroom they work as bedside tables and in the children room they can store a good amount of toys and teddies.

Both a set of castors and regular feet are provided with each unit for multiple use; being able to roll them around the room is a handy advantage.

Solid oak, bottom in veneered mdf
Hard wax finish
Made in Germany


  • product ref. MA-SU01022
  • Length 42 Width 42 Height 22 cm
  • €640


  • product ref. MA-SU01036
  • Length 42 Width 42 Height 36 cm
  • €690

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