Standard Ware Mixing Bowls

Standard Ware Mixing Bowls


After finishing a ceramic course at Leach Pottery in the summer 2019, Bautier decided to bring back these stoneware essentials to Brussels. All handmade unique pieces, intentioned for everyday use. The founder of Leach Pottery, Bernard Leach started the Standard Ware in the 1930s and continued the range up until his death in 1979. In recent years the Standard Ware has been put back in production, still handmade at the Pottery in St.Ives, England. The mixing bowls come in a set of three, practically nested inside each other. For Bautier exclusively, these bowls have been glazed inside and out.

All pieces are handmade, therefore there might be a slight variation in size and colour.

  • Hand thrown stoneware
  • Reduction fired in dolomite cream-white glaze
  • Small Bowl Diameter 5.5 cm Height 5.5 cm
  • Medium Bowl Diameter 17 cm Height 7 cm
  • Large Bowl Diameter 22.5 cm Height 9.5 cm
  • Made by the Leach Pottery, St Ives, England
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Standard Ware Mixing Bowls

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